Our goals and philosophy


Magical qualities of light and optical effects

Light has a powerful connection with the human mind in various ways. The light through optical glass possesses special properties; an absolute clarity that leaves us with a sense of profound silence; and images formed by reflection and refraction of the light feel curiously distant and detached, inducing a different experience from that of physical distance. We aim to deepen our understanding of the magical qualities of light to create compelling and relevant products that resonate on an emotional level.



New Japanese craftsmanship

In the production of optical glass products, numbers of delicate processes performed by hand stand between raw materials and finished products. We see our work as a form of craft involving a great deal of handwork, despite the processes being industrial. We appreciate and believe in the power inherent in objects that have been carefully and painstakingly crafted, essential in incorporating the spirit of being here and present into our products.


Inspiring products

We seek ways for people to come alive and reclaim the potential in their lives. We create and go beyond, advancing towards a higher goal of developing a new frame of mind. We challenge ourselves to design products that elicit positive emotions; by offering the thrill of discovery; by encouraging to take up a simple, daily habit that can help you align yourself with your own internal rhythm; or by giving a glimpse of another world that exists parallel to our everyday lives.